Dry Indoor Winter Air

A common complaint we hear from many of our customers is that their house gets too dry in the winter. Sore throats, dry skin, and damage to furniture and wood floors are all problems our customers face due to dry indoor air. Fortunately, we have a solution – a whole home humidifier.

A whole home humidifier can be added to the duct system your furnace already uses. It adds moisture to the air that your furnace circulates throughout your house when it runs. The humidifier is controlled by what is called a humidistat … think of it kind of like a thermostat for your humidifier. Rather than responding to temperature, the humidistat responds to the relative humidity level in your home. Set the humidistat to a comfortable level and you’ll stay that way all winter long.

If dry indoor air is a problem in your house, then what are you waiting for? In most cases we can install a whole home humidifier in just a couple of hours!