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Furnace problems can strike at any time and when you least expect it. It can be inconvenient when your furnace ceases to operate, particularly during the chilly winter. If you live in New Albany or the surrounding areas and are facing furnace issues, look no further than CARE Heating and Cooling Inc.

Our team, boasting years of HVAC industry experience, possesses the expertise needed to swiftly and effectively diagnose and fix any issue with your furnace. We understand the importance of having a functioning furnace during the cold months, so we offer prompt and reliable furnace repair services in New Albany, OH and surrounding areas. Contact us today, and let us help you get your furnace up and running quickly!

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Keeping Your Home Warm And Safe

As the cold of winter takes hold, rely on our furnace repair services to maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home. We are dedicated to keeping your living space cozy and your family comfortable, regardless of the external weather conditions. From minor glitches to major hiccups, we offer fast and reliable repairs that swiftly bring the heat back to your home.

CARE Heating and Cooling Inc. understands that an untimely furnace breakdown can feel like an icy grip, so we’re dedicated to promptly diagnosing and solving issues. With a focus on long-lasting comfort, our repairs are done with the future in mind, using high-quality parts and precision to extend the life of your furnace and safeguard your investment. Moreover, we prioritize optimal performance and efficiency, ensuring your home is heated effectively without excessive energy costs. Trust us to keep you cozy all winter long.

6 Common Furnace Issues And Our Solutions

There are several common furnace problems that homeowners may encounter. Here are six of these issues and what CARE Heating and Cooling Inc. can do to address them:

  • Lack of Heat: When your furnace isn’t producing heat, it can stem from various issues, such as a malfunctioning thermostat, a clogged air filter restricting airflow, or a pilot light that has gone out.
    • What We Can Do:
      • Diagnose the specific cause of the lack of heat.
      • Repair or replace faulty components like the thermostat, air filter, or pilot light.
      • Ensure your furnace is functioning optimally to provide consistent and reliable heat for your home.
  • Strange Sounds: Unusual noises like banging, rattling, or squeaking can indicate mechanical problems within the furnace, such as loose parts, a worn-out blower motor, or issues with the burner.
    • What We Can Do:
      • Conduct a thorough inspection to identify the source.
      • Perform necessary repairs or adjustments to eliminate the noises and restore smooth operation.
      • Ensure your furnace operates quietly and efficiently without disruptions.
  • Frequent Cycling: Furnace “short cycling,” which turns on and off frequently, can result from various issues, including a clogged air filter, improper thermostat settings, or a malfunctioning blower motor.
    • What We Can Do:
      • Check a dirty air filter to improve airflow.
      • Adjust the thermostat settings or calibrate it for accurate temperature control.
      • Repair or replace the blower motor if necessary to prevent frequent cycling and improve efficiency.
  • Poor Air Quality: A malfunctioning furnace can lead to poor indoor air quality, circulating dust, allergens, and pollutants throughout your home.
    • What We Can Do:
      • Offer air filter replacements to trap dust and particles.
      • Perform duct cleaning to remove accumulated debris and improve air circulation.
      • Install a humidifier to maintain optimal humidity levels for better air quality and comfort.
  • High Energy Bills: A furnace working harder than necessary due to inefficiencies can increase energy bills.
    • What We Can Do:
      • Conduct a comprehensive inspection to identify areas of energy loss, such as leaks in ductwork.
      • Perform repairs or maintenance to improve furnace efficiency.
    • Recommend energy-saving practices and upgrades to reduce energy consumption and lower bills.
  • Thermostat Issues: A faulty thermostat can cause uneven temperatures and discomfort within your home.
    • What We Can Do:
      • Inspect and calibrate the thermostat for accurate temperature readings.
      • Recommend upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat for better control and energy savings.
      • Ensure your thermostat is functioning correctly to maintain consistent and comfortable temperatures in your home.

At CARE Heating and Cooling Inc., we are equipped to handle these common furnace issues with expertise and efficiency. We aim to ensure your furnace operates reliably, efficiently, and safely, providing comfort and peace of mind during the colder months. Contact us for all your furnace repair services in New Albany, OH and surrounding areas. Let us keep you warm and cozy all winter long!

Experience The Difference With CARE Heating And Cooling Inc.!

At CARE Heating and Cooling Inc., we are committed to providing exceptional furnace repair services for our customers in New Albany, OH and surrounding areas. We recognize the significance of a properly functioning furnace during the colder seasons, so we are dedicated to providing swift and dependable solutions to any heating system problems. What distinguishes us from other HVAC companies? Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your furnace repairs:

  • Expertise and Experience
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Efficient Solutions
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Emergency Services

Don’t let furnace problems leave you in the cold this winter. Trust CARE Heating and Cooling Inc. for all your furnace repair needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services!

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