Allergies – Another Reason To Change Your Furnace Filter

Every homeowner should know that replacing your furnace filter on a regular basis is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most important aspects of properly maintaining a furnace. While everyone should be mindful about replacing their filters, people with allergies should be even more conscious about it. When discussing the importance of filter replacement, issues such as higher energy consumption and unnecessary strain on parts are usually brought up. Rightfully so, as your wallet can easily feel pain from high energy bills and repair costs. But dirty filters can also lead to poor indoor air quality – a clean furnace filter helps your HVAC system efficiently filter out allergens from the air in your home.

When you need to replace your filter varies depending on what kind of filter your furnace uses. To maximize indoor air quality, disposable fiberglass filters should be replaced every month. Some pleated filters require replacement every year under normal conditions (but keep in mind that if you live in an area with excessive outdoor pollution, allergens, or dust that it may be necessary to replace it sooner). If you are unsure about what kind of filter your furnace needs or when it should be replaced, give us a call – we’ll be happy to help.