How To Reduce Heating Bills This Winter

Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Saving energy and money is front in mind of most people these days. With winter approaching, you may be prompted to start strategizing about ways to reduce heating costs. Central Ohio winters can be harsh, so it’s best to be prepared so there aren’t surprises when you receive your heating bills in January and February. Saving energy doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many DIY tips you can implement right now that can reduce your energy costs without sacrificing comfort.

  • Smart Thermostat: Smart thermostats are popular right now and for good reason. They can regulate energy consumption, so you aren’t heating your home when everybody is away. You can program your smart thermostat from your phone, tablet, or other device. Simply tell the thermostat to turn the heat down during the day when family members are at school or work. The heat will then crank back up by the time everybody is home, and the temperature will be warm and comfortable. Some other features of a smart thermostat include letting you know when it’s time to change the furnace filters or schedule seasonal maintenance.
  • Schedule Seasonal Maintenance: Late summer and fall are ideal times to schedule routine maintenance. The service pros at CARE Heating and Cooling, Inc. can check your furnace to make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency. They will check the fans and blowers, inspect and clean the gas burners, flue, and ignition switch, replace worn-out parts, and much more. Many HVAC companies, including CARE Heating and Cooling, Inc. offer fee-based membership plans or maintenance agreements, where you can receive discounts on seasonal maintenance, parts, and service.
  • Seal Leaky Doors And Windows: Cold air can seep in through windows and doors that aren’t properly sealed. Weatherstripping is inexpensive and can be purchased at any hardware store, big box store, or online. It’s a fairly simple DIY job that will help preserve warm air and lower energy bills. If you or a family member are crafty, you can make fabric door stoppers to put under the doors to keep out drafts. Choose fabric to add a pop of color to your room or in a print that honors your favorite sports team.
  • Check And Clean Your Ductwork: This is important if you own an older home or live in an area prone to a lot of dust and debris. Dirt and leaking ductwork can be a tremendous drain on energy as it allows warm air to leak, which wastes energy. An HVAC technician can inspect and clean your ductwork and make recommendations for repairs, such as sealing cracks. A plus is that properly functioning clean ductwork can reduce dust, pollen, and other irritants that can affect family members who suffer from allergies.
  • Cover Your Windows And Get Creative: Now is the time to bring out the heavy decorative draperies. Choosing window treatments that are lined and made of a more robust fabric will help keep your rooms warmer. Dress them up with fun ties-backs and valances that you can make at home. You can also layer your window treatments by hanging lighter-weight curtains beneath the heavier ones. This will allow you to enjoy sunlight without inviting cold air in.

Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter

If your furnace has not performed at peak performance, the service pros at CARE Heating and Cooling, Inc. can take a look and make sure that its ready for a cold Ohio winter. Call us at (614) 841-1555 or schedule an in-home consultation with our online scheduler.